Ingress Intel Total Conversion IITC

Ingress Intel Total Conversion (IITC)

IITC is a browser Plugin/Mobile app that will enhance your visability of the Ingress map.

With IITC browser plugin, you can change the overlay of the Ingress map to be satelite view, google roads, and many more.

You can also choose which level portals and other items to show or hide on your map.

IITC Offers a choice of overlays

IITC also enhances the view of each portal, showing a more detailed view of exactly where the resonators are positioned andhow much energy they have remaining.

IITC also shows more details when viewing a portal

The mobile app works in a similar way, with a choice of map overlays and onbjects to view or hide.

IITC mobile app

IITC is free and can be downloaded from

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