AP & Leveling Up

What is AP?

AP, which stands for Action Points, are the points you gain whilst playing Ingress. Each action you take, from recharging a resonator, to destroying a control field, will gain you AP.

The more AP you have, the higher level agent you become, and the higher level agent you are the higher level equipment you can use, so levelling up gives you a great advantage.

The following shows the amount of AP required to reach the next level.

Level +AP Total AP
L2 +10,000 10,000
L3 +20,000 30,000
L4 +40,000 70,000
L5 +80,000 150,000
L6 +150,000 300,000
L7 +300,000 600,000
L8 +600,000 1,200,000

The below table shows all the possible actions you can perform and the amount of AP you are rewarded with:

Action AP
Hacking an enemy portal 100 AP
Hacking an owned or neutral portal 0 AP
Recharging a portal 10 AP
Placing the first resonator on a portal 500 AP
Placing the last resonator on a portal 250 AP
Placing any other resonator on a portal 125 AP
Upgrading another agents resonator to a higher level 65 AP
Upgrading your own resonators to a higher level 0 AP
Linking two portals 313 AP
Creating a control field 1250 AP
Destroying an enemy link 75 AP
Destroying an enemy control field 750 AP
Destroying an enemy resonator 75 AP
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