Ingress to celebrate 2 years #IngressYearTwo

The guys over at Ingress HQ have announced that, to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Ingress, all players that are level 3 by midnight (PT) on Saturday 14th November will earn an Innovator medal. The medal comes in two flavours, Bronze for level 3 + players and Silver for level 9+ players.

On top of this, over the next two weeks, all portal actions will generate double AP, so capturing a portal will net you 1,000 AP. Hack output will also be increased:


#Recursion - Latest World Wide anomaly dates and locations

The latest spate of worldwide anomalies has been announced on this week’s Ingress Report.

Nicknamed #recursion the anomalies are occurring between February 15th and March 29th, at 8 Primary locations and 16 remote locations.

The event dates are as follows


Ingress coming out of Beta

This weeks Ingress Report has stated that Ingress is finally coming out of Beta on December 14th.

The application will be available in the Play store to download and play by everybody, no invitations required.

As a bonus, everybody that has reached level 5 by that date will receive an Ingress founder achievement badge.


Details of operation #13Magnus revealed

Details of the next batch of world wide Ingress anomalies have been revealed.

Operation #13Magnus is set to run from 12th October to 14th December and will occur in 15 cities around the world, however inside sources believe that other nearby locations may experience anomalies around the same dates.

October 12
Los Angeles USA
San Jose USA
Bangkok Thailand

October 26
Seattle USA
Kiev Ukraine

November 2
Atlanta USA
Madrid Spain
Mumbai India


Hacking cool down period reduced to 180 seconds for Operation #Cassandra

According to a post on the Official Ingress G+ Page Official Ingress G+ Page , the cool down time for hacking portals has been reduced to 180 seconds for ALL portals.

The cool down time will not show as 180 seconds as it is shown as either 240 or 120 seconds.

This change is only temporary, and comes in line with Operation Cassandra, a series of XM anomalies due to occur around the world.


XM Data Signal Media Drop

Ingress have released a new Media item called XM Data Signal. A large amount of players worldwide are reporting receiving the media item earlier today.

The video, shown below, shows the recently released glyphs, and many people reporting that the background noise contains musical notes and people talking.


Ingress Operation Cassandra Announced

According to this week Ingress Report, operation Cassandra, an unprecedented plan to shake major political and economical centres around the world.
The report shows that XM anomalies are due to appear around the world on the following dates and locations
Aug 11th –Sydney Australia
Aug 13th – Milan Italy
Aug 15th – Tokyo Japan
Aug 17th – Washington DC, Boston and Dusseldorf Germany
Aug 18th – Manila Philippines
Aug 20th – Paris France
Aug 21st – Sao Paulo Brazil
Aug 22nd – Hong Kong


New Ultra Strike Weapon Revealed

Last week’s Ingress Report gave details about a new XM pulse weapon called Ultra Strike. The weapon will deploy an “intensely focused and powerful blast radius” which, when focused on a specific resonator, will reduce the health much more than a standard XMP burster.

The weapon will only be hackable by owners of one of the 3 new Droid phones which come with Ingress preinstalled, however these can be shared with other agents and used by anybody.


Ingress Damage Report Email Notification

Over the past few days, Niantic labs have introduced Ingress Damage reports, a new style notification system when one of your portals is under attack.

The damage report includes a photo of the portal as well as the location, the attacking agent, how many resonators remain and the health of the portal.

Ingress Damage Report


Latest scanner update announced

According to the latest Ingress Report, a new scanner update is due to be hitting the market any time now.

The new scanner will include a few new features, including the ability to choose the level of XMP burster when using the quick fire option (by swiping up on a portal). The new screen will show the different levels available to choose from.

New XMP Burster


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